The Ultimate Rod Stewart Tribute

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“He was in my band because I found him to be a brilliant drummer. And he wouldn’t have been there if he wasn’t special. People love characters in Rock N Roll, and Carmine was a real character. He still is!!”

For seven years they were close collaborators writing, recording and thrilling millions of fans. Rod Stewart was at the very top of his game in terms of chart success, and sheer numbers of tickets sold worldwide. And by his side during those most crucial years was CARMINE APPICE.

Now, decades later, Carmine says he “missed playing those songs live” after seeing a recent Rod Stewart concert. Now, Appice has recreated the magic of that classic ROD STEWART show with acclaimed Rod tribute star Rick St. James. The show is so close to what fans experienced in that period of the late 1970s and early 1980s, the audience will be transported back to a time and place where the magic came alive for the first time.

In fact, the show is so based on that Stewart that even Rod himself saw a photo of Rick St. James and remarked: “This guy does look me… the giveaway is he is shorter!” Generally regarded as the world’s finest performer to play Rod, St James looks the part; plays the part and most importantly, sings the part to a “T.”

Long time Rod Stewart drummer and musical collaborator, Carmine Appice, brings back the power and glory of the legendary late 70s Rod Stewart Band. He has assembled a cracker-jack collection of top level players and even recreated the “All in white” look of Stewart’s stage design from those years.

The ROD EXPERIENCE is the first of its kind- a historical tribute to Rod Stewart and the only one to feature a former member of his band. This show is a replica of Rod Stewart’s world tour shows from the 70’s and early 80’s. The set list features Rod Stewart’s biggest hits from that era, and the production includes multimedia elements and historical trivia.

Among the classics performed: “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy”; “Young Turks” (both co-written with Appice); “Sailing”, “You’re In My Heart,” “”Passion,” “Tonight’s The Night,” “Hot Legs,” “Maggie May,” and many more!

THE ROD EXERIENCE- It’s not a tribute; it’s a trip back in time to the legendary period of Rod Stewart, created and spearheaded by a person who was part of it.